Welcome to Soul Bloom Healing

Finding a means to heal our wounds is such an incredibly personal journey. We all arrived here for vastly different reasons, but in the end, we all want the same outcome, and that is to heal the wounds that we can no longer ignore.

When I first embarked on a spiritual healing journey seven years ago, I read one book after another; I was waiting for something to signal that I had found that “home at last” feeling. Although I gained a fantastic amount of insight from every book I read, it wasn’t until I picked up my first book on shamanism that I knew I’d found something exceptional.

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Shamanism is a practice deeply rooted in the Divine Feminine. It is complete oneness with nature and all her children. When we are out of balance in life, we are out of harmony with nature.

Every element in nature takes into account that balancing act. Earth represents our bones and muscles, the support system of our bodies, much like the way earth supports all life. Water, the blood of the earth that feeds the seeds planted so it can bear its fruit, courses through our veins, sustaining our life force. Fire, represented by the sun, brings warmth, light, and transformation to all living things; it also resides in our hearts, stirring up the passions so ingrained in us. Air, the essence of life itself, continually contracts and expands and is equally met and matched by the plant world in a constant, perfectly balanced exchange.

To harmonize myself once again with nature through my practices and offerings to Pachamama, I began to see profound changes in my life. My health, both mental and physical, returned. I looked at life from a completely different lens, distinguishing what was essential and what no longer needed or deserved my attention. “Heal yourself, heal the world” may sound cliche, but it is the truth. There is no other way to describe the feeling of freedom you experience, letting go of all the baggage and weight you’ve been carrying around for years. The so-called “weight of the world.”

As a humanity, we need to get back to embracing the traditions and ceremonies of our Ancient Shamanic lineage. Celebrating all life offers by bringing ourselves into perfect balance or, as the shamans of the Andes say, Ayni, meaning right relationship. Then and only then can we honestly dream our world into being.

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It is my hope that you have found a soft place to land here at Soul Bloom Healing. As a steward of the earth and a keeper of the rites, I am honoured to accompany you as I stand as a sacred witness on your healing journey.

Dawna Jones