Session Duration: 1 Hour

Illuminations are a core practice of Shamanism. They not only release energetically and clear old trauma, but they can prevent the imprints that the trauma has created from manifesting physically.


Illuminations are the groundwork for shamanic healing. Unless you have had extensive work done already through shamanism, this is where the healing will begin.

Starting with the lowest chakra affected, I will be releasing the energetic sludge that has built up in the chakra over the years. Within the sludge are the stories and traumas of the past; once the lessons have been learned, it's time to release them as they are no longer needed, and now true healing can begin. Because we have carried these stories for so long, time is necessary to release them fully. Once the session is complete, it is normal to feel the effects of the release for a few days afterward. Only one chakra per session is recommended in order to give the body time to process and heal.

What you experience during the release of heavy energies will be completely individual based on how strong your intent to release and heal is. No matter what you experience during the session, please be assured that you are in a loving, safe, supportive and sacred environment.