Session Duration: 1.5 Hours

Extractions are performed for either fluid and crystallized energies or intrusive energies. These are energies that do not belong to or in us and are returned to nature.


FLUID EXTRACTIONS:  Extracting intrusive energies and entities starts with a series of questions to the client to determine if an entity is residing within them. Once this has been confirmed, we will begin the process of removal.

Please note that shamans do not treat any entity with anything less than the utmost respect. Once the entity is removed, we will perform a ceremony with or without the client and release the spirit back to be properly healed by the lineage.

Once this process is complete, we will finish with an illumination of the affected chakra.


CRYSTALLIZED EXTRACTIONS: Crystallized energies tend to lodge themselves in a person's energetic field and typically have been carried around for many lifetimes. They can manifest as pain in the body.

This process is always done with an illumination of the corresponding chakra to clear the affinities we may carry for these energies.